William Spiritdancer (Writer/Director/Producer) attended MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he worked at the Media Lab. In 1999 he created Dream Power, a personal development philosophy designed to help people discover and live the Spirit, Art and Purpose of life. He is the author of the book “The Dream Warrior’s Handbook.” In 2004 he produced and shot the experimental documentary “Journey of the Dream Warrior” about the spiritual artistic journey of four artists. He is author of the personal development blog “Dream Warrior.” and the spiritual filmmaking blog “Dancing with Light.” He has directed many short films including "Japanese Garden" about the tranquility of a Japanese Garden. He is the writer of the script “Plan G” and Star Kids and numerous other film treatments, dealing with the subject of spirituality, science fiction and fantasy. In 2008 he won the Nokia/Pangea Day Mobile Filmmaking Awards Daily Prize photo competition. In 2009 with his wife Roxann, he created The Dream Power Foundation, a non-profit organization who’s goal is to inspire inner-city kids to dream and create. In 2011 he was appointed to the Community Advisory Council for SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival). Star Kids is his first narrative feature. His goal is to make films that inspire and make a difference. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife, four children and three cats.

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Feature Films
Star Kids                                                   2011
Documentary Films
Journey of the Dream Warrior           2004
Voices for Self Advocacy                    2004
Short films      
Alien Soup                                                 2005
Organized Crime                                     2004
The Power of Unity                                  2004
Japanese Garden                                   2001
Millennium Cowboy                                 2001
Aliens in the Kitchen                                2000

Star Kids                                                     2006
Plan G                                                          2005



Winner of the Nokia/Pangea Day
Mobile Filmmaking Awards Photo competition   2008


Seattle International Film Festival
Community Advisory Committee           2011

Film Treatments
Angel                                                                  2006
The Atlantis Series                                        2006
Ghetto Matrix                                                   2006
Eden and Maya                                              2006
Legends of the Dream Warriors               2005
Pole Shift                                                           2005
Eden                                                                   2004
Starship                                                              2003
Trump New York PC Real Estate Game     1998
IMAX Speed CD-ROM                                     1994
IMAX Discovers CD-ROM                               1994