Realizing that his true calling was to be a spiritual filmmaker, he started exploring this new area by making 20 short films at children’s birthday parties.  His first serious attempt was a short film called “Japanese Garden”, where he sought to capture the spiritual tranquility of a traditional Japanese garden.  In 2004 he completed a 90 minute documentary film called “Journey of the Dream Warrior” that examines the journey of five artists through the four stages of their dream power.  He is currently directing the children’s film series “Star Kids”.    In 2008 he won the Pangea Day "Picture of the Day" Nokia photography award.  In 2010 he was selected to participate in the (SIFF) Seattle International Film Festival’s Community Advisory Committee.





Winner of the Nokia/Pangea Day
Mobile Filmmaking Awards Photo competition   2008


Film Series

Star Kids Episode 1                           2011


Star Kids                                                             2006

Plan G                                                                2005


Documentary Films

Journey of the Dream Warrior                              2004

Voices for Self Advocacy                                    2004


Short films      

Alien Soup                                                           2005

Organized Crime                                                2004

The Power of Unity                                             2004

Japanese Garden                                               2001

Millennium Cowboy                                            2001

Aliens in the Kitchen                                          2000


Film Treatments

Angel                                                                  2006

The Atlantis Series                                             2006

Ghetto Matrix                                                     2006

Eden and Maya                                                 2006

Legends of the Dream Warriors                         2005

Pole Shift                                                           2005

Eden                                                                  2004

Starship                                                              2003



Trump New York PC Real Estate Game           1998

IMAX Speed CD-ROM                                       1994

IMAX Discovers CD-ROM                                  1994