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About this project
Star Kids is a sci-fi/fantasy children’s film about four special children who must discover who they are to save a world on the brink of destruction. Filmed in Seattle and the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It is designed to help kids by teaching positive values and showing positive role models. It is being shot both as a 12 part episodic miniseries as well as a feature film. We have shot episodes 1 & 2 and need to raise funds to successfully shoot episodes 3 and 4, and that’s why we need your help. After watching our video, meeting me, and checking out our rewards, I hope you'll become a part of the exciting community we're building around Star Kids!

What's the story?
In Star Kids the earth is dying and the Star Kids have to save it! They have special powers and are chased by rogue government agents. On their journey they meet many interesting characters who inspire, guide and mentor them. But in the end, they are on their own, and if the earth is to survive they will have to go deep within and learn to conquer their fear, hate, anger and be more unified.

What inspired Star Kids?
Star Kids inspired by my desire to show my kids inspiring films, my love of sci-fi, anime, spiritual and fantasy films and my experiences in the inner cities of America. But it was my inner city experiences that was the real inspiration for Star Kids. It started when I noticed how a lot of kids were emulating the negative media they were exposed to. Morality was very vague and even kids who wanted to do the right thing didn’t really know what that was and were easily lead astray by all the negative things, people and situations around them. But what alarmed me the most was the powerful effect negative media in all it’s forms had on the kids.

Unfortunately, Hollywood and many in the entertainment industry have decided that making money and being famous is more important then helping kids. I wanted to change that and so I was inspired to write Star Kids to give kids a good wholesome children’s film, the kind I have been looking for but never found. And, at the same, time teach positive values and show some positive role models.  I wanted to change that and so I was inspired to write Star Kids.  

Star Kids is a metaphor, and all kids are Star Kids. As kids watch I want them to see themselves in the Star Kids. I want them to realize they have “gifts and purpose” (as the Elder says) and that it’s up to them to save the world.

(The Elder)  (Watch a rough cut where the Elder teaches the Star Kids)

Once Star Kids is done I hope to use it not only to influence children in a positive way but to also bring awareness of the power negative media is having on our children. I also want to use it as a catalyst to talk to the filmmaking community about the importance of using our art to make the world a better place.

Where will the funds go?
Currently we are in post production for episodes 1 and 2 (editing, effects, music licensing, mastering etc) and pre-production to shoot the next two episodes - episodes 3 and 4 of Star Kids. We want these films to be of the highest production quality possible because in the end, if we do not entertain we will not teach. To do this we need to pay the cast and crew, rent but ideally buy our own equipment. Feed the crew properly, pay for insurance (2 million in liability needed for most locations). Location fees, (such as location fees to shoot at the Award Winning Seattle Downtown Public Library).  Costume design and manufacture, props such as an important large painting and device. Pay for post-production processing, special 3d motion effects, green screen studio rental. Editing, sound design and mastering for video on demand, DVD and theatrical release. Promotion, marketing, event and entertainment expenses etc, production office expenses.

(Potential Location: The Seattle Downtown Library, photo by Jason Hoover)

Every bit that you give, large or small, will make a HUGE difference!

What are the plans for the film?
Most of all we want Star Kids to teach and inspire children around the world. Our focus is on “at-risk” kids, the kids that are most vulnerable to the influences of the effects of negative media. To reach these kids with the film we have formed “Community Partnerships” with youth organizations around the world that work with kids in vulnerable communities. Currently we have partnerships and volunteers in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC. African, Australia, London, Paris, and the list grows everyday. If you want to help us get the film out to kids in your area please contact us. We also plan to distribute the film though traditional independent film channels such as film festivals, markets, VOD, DVD etc.

Who's involved?
We have a unique community based approach to getting Star Kids made. For one, realizing that it was such a huge project we decided to break the script up into a 12 part miniseries. This configuration has been hugely successful for us. Allowing us to shoot high quality productions with minimal resources. This strategy allows us to screen the film to kids sooner by showing the episodes as they are completed and involving a greater variety of people in the production. For example we invite local cinematographers to shoot each of the episodes. And each episode allows us to work with a different crew, which frees us from the normal scheduling and budget headaches of independent filmmaking.  Click here to see the cast and crew for the Episodes.

The Youth Internship Program
Another way we have involved youth is to have an internship program tied to the production of the film. We recruit teens from the local Seattle high schools and teen programs, we then pair them with local films students from schools such as the Seattle Art Institute and the Seattle Film Institute. The film students run the various productions departments such as light, sound and set design etc. with the teens as their assistants. In this way:  1. Film students get the real world production experience they need as well as a chance to help the community.  2. The kids get to learn about filmmaking as a possible career path. 3. We get a proper crew which is key to a high quality production. For example, on the shoot of episode 2 which took place in Chinatown in Seattle we had a crew of 18.

(More on the film program)

Support the film.
We have a really ambitious production schedule this year and we are depending on supporters like you to make it happen. If you can, support Star Kids and help us get it to one million kids around the world!

Other fun ways to  get  involved.
To make a film of this level is a huge undertaking and that’s why we need your help. There are many fun ways to get involved:
If you can, right now, back the project.
Donate some equipment, a product or a service.
Own a business? Become a sponsor.
Send us some good leads for any help you can think of.

Be a fan!
Tell your friends!
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Many many thanks for your generous support!
Because of you Star Kids will happen!


Preview at the Uptown VIP Pre-Party

$ 250 USD

Tommorow (May 6th) Noon at the Uptown Theatre.

You and up to 3 guests are invited to a special Star Kids Movie VIP pre-party.  This party is by invite only and will begin in the theater one hour before the regular event.  Mingle with the cast and crew of the Star Kids Movie, the Seattle film community and other VIP's.  Enjoy food, drink & entertainment.  This includes admission and advanced seating to the regular event, which begins at 1pm. At 1pm we will screen the short film "Star Kids: The Beginning".   

Ticket to Star Kids Preview at the Uptown.

$ 20 USD

One ticket per person.  Your name will be added to the Will Call list.  1pm.  At the SIFF Uptown Theatre.  Includes after-party (appetizers, entertainment, meet the cast and crew)   For more information contact the Dream Power Foundation at (206) 905-8398 or

DVD: $35

You get a DVD of the latest episodes of Star Kids plus bonus features including the "Lost" episode and the making of documentary. 

DVD & TIX Combo Pak: $50

You get a DVD of the latest episodes of Star Kids plus bonus features including the "Lost" episode and the making of documentary. AND tickets for two to the next Star Kids screening event.

AND an online copy of the special first-edition “Star Kids” poster of your choice.

Party Invite: $100

You get tickets for you and a friend to the next Star Kids Preview Party.  AND includes everything from the DVD & TIX Combo Pak level!

Framed Poster: $250

You get a one-time collectors edition, professionally framed Star Kids poster of your choice. (There are four to choose from). Featuring the beautifullly crafted illustrations of international artist Joumana Medlej. Each poster will be professionally framed by BASS framing of Seattle. AND includes everything from the Producer Credit level!

Four Framed Poster Collectors Set: $500

You get a one-time collectors edition, professionally framed set of ALL FOUR Star Kids posters, one of each of the Star Kids characters.
Featuring the beautifullly crafted illustrations of international artist Joumana MedlejEach poster will be professionally framed by BASS framing of Seattle in each character’s primary color.  AND includes everything from the Producer Credit level!

Private Screening: $1000

You get a special private screening just for you! For your classroom or what about in the comfort of your own home or at your local community center! The director and possibly other members of the cast will make a guest appearance in your choice of setting, following a private screening.  Depending where you are located it could be in person, or via Skype...all negotiable.
AND includes everything from the Producer Credit level!

Walk-on Role: $2500

Yes, that's right, you can be in the movie with a Walk-on Role for you or someone you choose. Come spend the day hanging on the set and get pics taken by our production photographer, who will make sure to document your experience.
Includes lunch with the director. AND includes everything from the Producer Credit level! (transportation/lodging not provided)

Seattle Star Kids Movie Adventure: $5000

Come to the Pacific Northwest and prepare to be taken on a Star Kids movie adventure. Star in your own movie the director has designed just for you and see Seattle at the same time!

Experience the adventures of the Star Kids through Seattle. Evade rogue government agents as you explore the secret gems of Seattle in search of the Star Kids. Meet members of the cast and hear inside stories from the shoot.

A special short film will be made of your Seattle Star Kids adventure and presented to you on DVD. Great fun for you and your family.

AND includes everything from the 500 level!
(Includes meals and local travel the day of the event, however travel to Seattle and lodging not included.)

Executive Producer: $10,000


Yes that’s right you get everything! A HUGE THANK YOU! DELUXE TICKET PACKAGE (Tickets/DVD/Launch Party), FOUR STAR KIDS FRAMED POSTERS, VIP DAY ON THE SET (including assistant and walk-on cameo, lunch with the director and dinner with the cast. Transport provided to and from set.)

and PRODUCER levels included. (Travel/Lodging not included.)