Community Distribution Partners

These organizations have agreed to help us get the Star Kids movie out to the kids they serve.

13 Clubs in King County Washington serving 30,000 kids.

The Film Connection, a project of Mercy Corps, currently has 6,000 members from all across the U.S. and are growing at a rapid pace. Their library consists of 800 titles of foreign, documentary and independent films, which they continue to expand by about 30 films each month. Their main goal is to get meaningful media into the hands of Americans so they may watch, learn and grow and, ultimately, become agents of social change. They believe that film is a great way to spark conversation and conversation is the first step to creating a better world.

International Distribution Network

Our goal is to reach one million at-risk kids via an international team of volunteers.  So far we have teams in the following areas:

        Austin - Kate Hoyt

The United Kingdom

France - Nohra Belaid

Nepal - Jennifer Bennett

Do you want to help get the Star Kids Movie shown in your area?  We still need help screening the film, distributing free DVD's and putting on events.  You would work with Youth Organizations in your area.  It's easy, fun and free.  If you can help please contact us.