The Star Kids film program
We pair film students from local film schools, with local teens and together they help make films that make a difference. This program gives film students an opportunity to help their community, it gives teens a chance to explore the film industry, and gain job experience.  Most importantly, together they are helping to make “Star Kids”, a series of fictional films that will teach younger kids positive values and help counter the negative media influences that are having such a destructive impact on today’s youth.   Our goal is that thousands of kids around the world will get to see the films.   

An Opportunity for Film Students
We give film students from the local film schools such as the Art institute of Seattle as well as the Seattle Film Institute an opportunity to work on set and get real film production experience.  Film students get to share their passion for filmmaking with teens from the Seattle area.  The film students run all the major departments of the film such as lighting, art, props, sound etc., with the interns playing the role of production assistants.

The Teen Internship Program
Working with local community organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of King County we have recruitment parties where we explain the Star Kids film program to local teens.  Our focus is on recruiting kids who might not normally have this kind of opportunity.  The teens are interns and production assistants and are mentored by the film students.  We want to expose them to people, places and situations that they might not normally be able to experienceTo learn more about the Internship program click here.

Travel Opportunities
Because Star Kids is being filmed all over Puget Sound, there are many travel opportunities available for the interns and the film students. We plan to shoot in locations such as Mt. Rainier, the San Juan Islands and the Hoh Rain Forest.  

The program will give interns and film students real world film making experience that they can translate into future job opportunities.  

Interns who complete the program will be given a film making kit composed of a camera, books, and resources to empower them to continue their filmmaking journey.

If you are a film student, school or teen interested joining our film program please contact us. There is no deadline, we accept applications all year long.