When is the film expected to be released?
Feb of 2013

What format will it be released in?
As both an episodic miniseries and a feature film.  See "How will the film be distributed?' below for more info on this.

Who is the audience for the film?

The movie is for upper elementary age children (3d thru 5th grade). 

How many Kids will benefit from the film?
Our goal is that ultimately one million at-risk kids around the world will see the film.  Kids will benefit in three ways.  1. By watching the film and learning the value of positive values. 2.  By watching and learning from the positive role models presented in the film.  3. Teen interns will benefit by learning the art of filmmaking on the set of the film.  Our focus is initially the Seattle area, starting with the Central District but we will release the series world wide via our many volunteer distribution partners.

Who are your partners?

Currently SEED Arts (South East Effective Development) based in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle is our Fiscal Sponsor allowing us to ofter Tax deductions to our donors.  As far as outreach, the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County, Washington is our main distribution partner.   SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival) has offered the use of the facilities at their new Film Center in Seattle Center for the Star Kids Film Program, they have also given advice and other types of support.   We want to partner with organizations who already work with at-risk youth.  A partnership means that the organization supports the purpose of the film and will help us get it to their kids.  They do not provide financial support though.  More

How will the film be distributed?

We plan to distribute the film via non profit partnerships (see above) to get it to the at-risk kids we are trying to reach.  We imagine taking kids to free screenings at local theaters and having fun events where we will distribute free DVD's to the kids.  We also plan to distribute it though the mainstream distribution channels as well, such as though various independent film festivals. 

Is this a non-profit project?

Yes this is a non-profit film program produced by the Dream Power Foundation a Washington State non-profit corporation.  The Dream Power Foundation does not currently have it's own 501c3. In the meantime for donors desiring a tax write off, the project is being fiscally sponsored by SEED Arts (South East Effective Development) based in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle.  See the bottom of our donation age for more information here.

How long has this project been in the works?

The project started in January of 2006. 

Who are your supporters?

Currently we have approx 3000 plus supporters/fans from the Seattle neighborhoods of Capital Hill, The Central District, Mt. Baker, Madrona, Madison Park and Madison Valley, Columbia City, West Seattle, The Admiral District, Alki and White Center neighborhoods. More join everyday.  See our fan page on facebook for more.  Most of our supporters come from our grassroots efforts to raise funds and awareness.  Most are Seattle residents, who shop at places such as Safeway, PCC, Madison Market and our other fundraising locations.  80% of our supporters are individual donors and come from our door-to-door and storefront grassroots campaigns. Some are donors, some are volunteers and many just fans.  

Is this film associated with a religious institution?

Because we are teaching the positive values of Peace, Love, Truth and Unity many people ask if we are with a Church or other religious institution.  Although the film delves in to the universal spiritual ideas of Peace, Love, Truth and Unity and their opposites, it is not formally associated with any particular religion or religious institution.

What kind of universal spiritual  ideas does it have?
Star Kids is a fantasy, sci-fi fictional children's film series where the spiritual values of Peace, Love, Truth and Unity are taught.  In the mythology of the film, the characters grapple with the meaning of peace, love, truth, unity and their opposites, hate, fear, deceit and disunity.  The characters see how embracing these values affects their lives and the lives of those around them.  The Star Kids are spiritual beings from an enlightened planet sent to save the Earth from destruction.  The Star Kids pray when in trouble and God is talked about.  The Earth is considered to be a living breathing being that takes conscious form as the four elemental spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  These elemental spirits are benevolent, angelic like beings that mentor and teach the Star Kids and help them awaken to their purpose to save the planet. 

How will this film help kids?

Right now kids are being taught tons of negative things from the current media they are exposed to. If you are a parent with teens/tweens you know exactly what we are talking about.  Just turn on network and cable TV any evening if you want examples of that.  As a society we spend billions every year on negative meaningless entertainment that teaches our kids all of the wrong values.  Kids respond to visual media, in a lot of ways, it is their language. So, if we want to influence them, we have to use the media they know.  See "The Five Reasons this Film Must Happen" for more. Also in the plot the Star Kids start out doing all of the wrong things but as they progress though their journey they grow and learn to embrace the higher aspects of who they really are.  We hope that as children watch the Star kids go though this process that they will really take in and understand the meaning of Peace, Truth, Love, Unity and the other positive ideas that are discussed and demonstrated.

How did the idea for Star Kids come about?

One day, William Spiritdancer, the director of the film noticed how some really bad rap music was causing the kids in the neighborhood to start fighting etc.  He noticed how a lot of the music, TV-shows, movies and video games such as "Grand Theft Auto" taught negative values.  So he decided to use his filmmaking skills to make a children's film that would very clearly teach four positive values.  The positive values that the Star Kids teach are: Peace, Love, Truth and Unity.  In a lot of neighborhoods there is a moral vacuum and it's just not clear what is right or wrong.  Many kids today easily confuse fun and cool with good.  With Star Kids we hope to make it clear how damaging, fear, hatred and other forms of negativity can be.  

How much do you still need to raise?

At least $50,000 to shoot the rest of the movie.
  Help us reach the goal!  Donate today!

What will the money be used for:
Funds raised will be used to cover the cost to produce, write, direct, shoot, promote and distribute the series.  Cost include production, production office expenses, producer salaries, communication, software, internet services, fundraising costs, location costs, equipment rental, equipment purchases, crew fees, stipends, food, insurance, permits, transportation, props, set dressing, costumes, event production fees, event entertainment, screening fees, DVD replication, printing, shipping etc.

What will it be shot on?

We plan to shoot the film on High Definition Video.  The current scenes shown in the trailer were shot on the Panasonic DVX 200. But we are currently using the state of the art new DSLR cameras such as the Canon 7D, 5D,and T2i that give a high quality 35mm film look.

Is this one of those "kids making a movie to help kids" projects?

Yes and No.  Our goal is that this is a professional film production.  The first goal is that the film will have the highest production values possible so it can be as effective a teaching tool as possible. But, we will involve as many teens and film students in the making of the film as we can though the internship program  and the film program where teens get to work side-by-side with film making professionals and students.

Are kids involved in the making of the film?

Yes, see the answer to the above question and the internship program  and the film program .

How many people are involved with this film?
If you count, fans, donors, volunteers, crew, cast etc.  Lots of people.

Can I be in the film?
For a $250 level donation you can definitely be in the film. Otherwise, see the auditions page on how to come to our next scheduled audition.

How can I volunteer?
Please see our volunteer page for more info on how. 

If you have a question that we did not answer here please contact us and we would be glad to answer it for you.