STATUS:  Currently in post production.

 Episode 2 - The Journey Begins

The adventures have begun and the kids are making their way though the city.  Suddenly, Shock D starts acting really weird, wonders off and becomes lost.  In their search for her the kids end up in a strange dark alley.  The chase begins when some menacing characters appear.  On the run, the kids end up in a place where they get totally distracted and forget about everything.  

Clip: The Elder speaks.

Clip: Episode 2 Intro


The Making of Episode 2 Documentary

The Making of Episode 2: The producer and director scout potential locations.


Star Kids Episode 2 Credits

Producer - Roxann Drake
Assoc Producer - Patricia Darling   
Director -  William Spiritdancer
Cinematography -  John Mahinay
2nd Camera/Assistant Director - Edward Calabig   
Art Director/Assistant Director - Liz Klein
Sound - James Israelson
Script Supervisor - Asenati Aumavae    
Gaffer (Lights) Jimmy Zhang
B-roll Camera -   Michael Kurry  
Green Hummer/Transport - Mario Miniserio   
Grip - Justus  Wilberger  
Grip - Ron Novak       
Hair - Francesca Route  
Production Assistant -  Daniel Gofeld
Production Assistant -  Melanie Ministerio
Production Assistant -  Melissa Ministerio

Jade - Shani Drake
Jai - Khari Drake  
Shock D - Kesi Drake
Crystal  - Mari Drake
The Elder - Eze  Lechi
Agent 1 -  Vinh Nguyen  
Agent 2 - Justus  Wilberger  
Agent 3 - Asenati Aumazae
Agent 4 -  Jimmy Zhang

The Four Seas Restaurant
Kinokuniya Bookstore