Star Kids is a non-profit movie designed to help teach kids positive values.

Star Kids is a non-profit movie that will teach kids positive values, in particular Peace, Love, Truth and Unity and also explain why the opposites, Fear, Hate, Deceit and Disunity are bad for them, the community, and the world.   We also present positive role models by showing the kids doing positive things versus negative things.  For example, the Star Kids are the heroes and have to save the world.

The Star Kids message will counter the negative media that is teaching kids the wrong values and glamorizing the street life.  

Our kids today are bombarded with increasing amount of negative media that desensitizes them to violence.  Like an incident in Chicago shows:  “Teen beaten to death in Roseland mob” a scene straight out of the book “Lord of the Flies.” The question is, where are they learning this behavior?   One source is video games like "Grand Theft Auto", "Modern warfare"  and many of the TV shows and music that today’s kids are bombarded with, all of which adds fuel to an already raging fire.

The Star Kids Movie will help educate kids and bring attention to this problem.

To get the movie out to the kids we are working with a worldwide network of distribution/community partners, such as the Boy's and Girl's Clubs, community orgs, volunteers and schools.  We also have an internship program for teens to become production assistants and help make the film. 

But for this to happen we need your help to finish this film and reach one million kids with its positive message.

You can help in 3 easy ways:

1. Please help spread the word and email this letter to 5 or more of your friends.

2. Become a fan!
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Buy a DVD or make a small donation.

Thank You!

The Star Kids Production Team

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.