Just wanted to give you an update on the latest with the Star Kids movie! 
The plan: 
Currently the production plan is to shoot the film over the course of the next 11 months. Our next shoot is set for Nov 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th in a beautiful home in Bellevue.
We have been very busy.  Here is a sample:
New interns!
Last week we had several pizza parties at various teen centers around the city:  The Miller Teen Center, the Rainier Vista Boys and Girl's Club Teen Center and the Garfield Teen Life Center.  We had an orientation on Oct 8th at the Douglas Truth Library where we signed up 15 new interns!   I want to thank Dominos Pizza on McClellan for donating pizza for all of these events.  Our plan is to have four of these intern sessions throughout the year, one per quarter, each with about 15 kids.  To start off, the interns will take a one-day intensive filmmaking course given by the Seattle Film Institute.
Here they are!
More on the Internship Program

On the Production front:
Check out the new Canon 5D Mark II large format HD camera that we plan to shoot the film with. It's a new 35 mm DSLR photography camera that also takes stunning HD video. With this camera we can shoot with less lights, which means less crew, less time and less expense! Check it out here!  We are currently in talks with Glazer's Camera Supply about using this revolutionary new camera.
Tech Lab Computer Repair on Rainier avenue, donated a laptop.
Pacific Place Mall donated a deluxe "Seattle Snow Globe" to be used in film:

That's if for now. Remember we still have a long way to go, so if you can...
Please donate! 
And many many thanks to everyone who has helped so far.

And let's not forget why we're doing this:  Stop the violence, increase the peace, help teach one million kids Peace, Love, Truth and Unity!