About this project
Star Kids is a sci-fi/fantasy children’s movie and film series about four special children who must save a world on the brink of destruction. Filmed in Seattle and the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Star Kids will inspire kids to change the world around them through positive values and role models. It is being shot as a 10 episode series climaxing with a feature film. We have shot episodes 1 & 2 and are in the process of shooting the rest of Season 1.  After checking out this site, and meeting us, we hope you'll become a part of the exciting Star Kids communityTogether, we, like the Star Kids, can make a difference in our world.

What's the story?
The Earth is dying and the Star Kids have to save it. On their journey they meet many interesting characters who inspire, guide and mentor them as well as those who would stop them. But, in the end, they are on their own.  If we are to survive they will have to learn to: be love - be peace - be truth and most of all
- be one.

What inspired Star Kids?
Star Kids is a metaphor, and all kids are Star Kids. As kids watch we want them to see themselves in the Star Kids. We want them to realize they have “gifts and purpose” (as the Elder says) and that it’s up to them to save the world. One day I just got fed up with all the problems in the world: negative media, violence in the inner city, corporate greed and indifference, runaway climate change, globalization and what it's doing the the poor of the world.  I could go on and on but you get the idea.  Originally, Star Kids started out as a film to deal with negative media by teaching kids positive values.  But now with so many problems cropping up everyday we have decided to use the movie as a way to inspire kids to take action in their neighborhoods or even across the globe.  We love this idea!  Now, we can have the Star Kids attempt to solve some of the worlds worst problems in a fictional universe that parallels much of our own.  The idea is that kids will watch, get inspired and then take action to solve the problems they care aboutTo help this along we are planning to create an online club called "Star Kids World Changers"
World Changers will encourage social action, service and entrepreneurship though community, prizes, games, events and film contests etc.   We think this is all very cool and can't wait to do it!

What are the plans for the series?
Most of all we want Star Kids to teach and inspire children around the world to take action in their communities. To reach kids we have formed “Community Partnerships” with youth organizations around the world, such as the Boy's and Girls clubs and other youth groups. Currently we have partnerships and volunteers in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC. Africa, Australia, London, Paris, and the list grows everyday. If you want to help us get the film out to kids in your area please contact us. We also plan to distribute the film though traditional independent film channels such as film festivals, markets, DVD etc.

Who's involved?
We have a unique community based approach to getting Star Kids made. For one, realizing that it was such a huge project we decided to break the script up into a 10 part miniseries climaxing with a feature film. This configuration has been hugely successful for us. Allowing us to shoot high quality productions with minimal resources. This strategy allows us to screen the film to kids sooner by showing the episodes as they are completed and involving a greater variety of people in the production. For example we invite local cinematographers to shoot each of the episodes. And each episode allows us to work with a different crew, which frees us from the normal scheduling and budget headaches of independent filmmaking.  Click here to see the cast.
Click here to see the crew for the Episodes.

The Youth Internship Program
Another way we have involved youth is with an internship program tied to the production of the film. We recruit teens from the local Seattle high schools and teen programs, we then pair them with local films students from schools such as the Seattle Art Institute and the Seattle Film Institute. The film students run the various productions departments such as light, sound and set design etc., with the teens as their assistants. In this way: film students get the real world production experience they need; and kids get exposure to the art of filmmaking; and the film gets a proper crew which is key to a quality production.  For example, on the shoot of episode 2 which took place in Seattle's Chinatown we had a crew of 18. Click here To learn more about the Star Kids Film Program.

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The film is mostly funded by grassroots fundraising efforts, grants, business sponsors and various fundraising events throughout the year. If Star Kids sounds like something you want to support, you can do so by clicking here

Many volunteers help us to produce Star Kids as well as the many outreach events surrounding the program.  To learn more about how to become a volunteer click here.

The Producers
The Star Kids Movie is being produced by Star Kids Media in partnership with Dream Power Film, the Dream Power Foundation and the Shunpike Arts Collective.  

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Thank you!

William Spiritdancer
The Star Kids Movie